Why build with
Wood Shapers?

The technologies and construction methods used by Wood Shapers make it possible to reduce the carbon footprint while guaranteeing compliance with the deadline, quality and cost defined at the integrated design stage.

The building methods and construction technology
that Wood Shapers uses will enable you to:

  • reduce the carbon footprint of your projects

    Wood enables the construction of carbon-neutral buildings. As a construction material, wood stores the carbon that is absorbed during its lifecycle. Wood is also far less polluting than concrete in terms of production and transportation to the building site because it weighs less and it can be prefabricated to great extent.

  • optimise building structures with prefabrication

    Increase efficiency with BIM (building information modelling) and prefabrication. These tools, combined with our in-house production methods, facilitate the use of robotisation directly linked to 3D designs and BIM, to optimise and anticipate design details.

  • build more quickly and cleanly

    Our teams search for rapid building solutions. By using integrated digital technology from the design to the production stage, we optimise the on-site intervention time with less risks on the building site.

    Wood waste can be used in recycling processes (to produce energy or construction materials, for example).

  • guarantee optimal performance

    Our engineers adapt the construction system to your needs. With Wood Shapers on your team, you are guaranteed a custom project, in line with your ambitions, as well as an integrated vision.

  • create healthy spaces

    Numerous studies have shown that living in spaces where wood has been used as a construction material has a genuinely positive impact on health and wellbeing.

Wood Shapers
at your service

We put at your disposal the experience of the numerous contracting and development companies of the CFE group in order to collaborate at each stage of the development of your projects.

Wood Shapers is above all a teamwork coupled with an innovative method.


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