The Wood Shapers

A permanent quest for innovation and excellence to provide the best solution for your project.

Depending on the specificities of each project, we preconize the use of sustainable materials that respond to the social challenges of our sector to improve the quality of life in our cities.

Use the right material
in the right place.

Off-site and modular construction

In all its projects, Wood Shapers uses materials in line with their intrinsic properties and performance. These complementary materials offer an optimal response to the building’s restrictions.

There are four methods of off-site construction: volumetric (3D), surface (2D), hybrid (3D/2D) and sub-assemblies (completion and technical).

More technical details in our article.

Off-site construction is an opportunity to anticipate every detail.

Wood Shapers, a different
approach to design & build

Wood Shapers uses and applies different technologies among its working methods to ensure total control of the construction cost and performance, while generating a result that is easy to understand, explain and execute.

  • 100% digital modelling: BIM.
  • 'Lean': optimisation in line with production.
  • Our in-house engineers oversee every stage of the project.

Our technologies

  • CLT

    Cross Laminated Timber technology is used to produce solid, engineered wood panels, made from layers... [Read more]

  • GL

    Glulam technology is used to produce beams made from solid wood segments that have been glued together.... [Read more]

  • LVL

    Laminated Veneer Lumber technology is used to produce panels of 3mm rotary-cut glued veneer (obtained... [Read more]

  • Ribbed Floor

    ‘CLT flooring with GL ribs’ is a structural flooring solution in which a CLT flooring surface (upper... [Read more]

  • Timber Frame Construction

    ‘Insulated caisson’ technology for exterior walls with carpentry is used to build partitions and load-bearing... [Read more]

  • Kielsteg tiles

    ‘Cellular tile’ technology is a very strong material combining perpendicular solid wood segments with... [Read more]

  • CREE

    CFE – including Wood Shapers – is the exclusive licence holder for this wood/concrete/steel composite... [Read more]

  • Ribbed hybrid Floor
    Wood/concrete hybrids

    The Ribbed Hybrid Floor technology is also used for prefab floors that combine the benefits of timber... [Read more]

  • FSP
    Wood/concrete hybrids

    A Flat Slab Panel is a floor slab made of CLT and concrete. It is often used for prefab floors that... [Read more]

  • Prefabricated beam and column structures

    Load-bearing structures consisting of beams and columns. These structures, often a whole storey high,... [Read more]

  • Composite lattice beams
    Wood/metal hybrids

    This lattice beam technology is comprised of two wooden struts (CLT or GL) connected by metallic crossbars... [Read more]

  • Precast concrete beams and columns

    Beams and columns are the vertical and horizontal structural elements of a building: the exoskeleton,... [Read more]

  • Precast concrete wall panels

    Precast concrete wall panels are used for interior walls in cellars and to offer structural stability... [Read more]

Find out more about these different technologies

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