Wood and bio-based materials, a great solution in many ways

The application of bio-based materials (such as wood or hemp, for example), is the only construction method with a positive carbon footprint because:

  • Bio-based materials store the CO2 that was initially captured during the growth phase.
  • The production of wood and bio-based materials generates very little CO2 compared with other building materials.
  • Wood is also very light and easy to transport. It requires much less truck transport to get it to the construction site. This further reduces CO2 emissions.

Circular materials make it possible to build flexible, modular buildings as the possibility of dismantling them has already been anticipated during the production phase.

Zero waste
and zero pollution

Wood and bio-sourced materials are recyclable, the vast majority of their waste is reusable and non-polluting. Modular production reinforces this approach by concentrating the production of the elements in the factory and the assembly on site.

Circularity of wood and bio-based materials

Circularity of wood and bio-based materials
Each stage of the wood transformation process generates waste which is recovered in various ways.

Wood Shapers,
a recognized expertise

By using wood and bio-based materials, Wood Shapers can help you in your ambition to reduce the carbon footprint of your project or even build with a negative CO2 footprint.

Upstream, during the design phase, Wood Shapers will be able to give you a report that includes the CO2 storage of your project.

CO2 Negative

A number of current projects are also Well Being and Breeam certified. More info.

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