Wood Shapers, an end-to-end integrated offer of healthy and sustainable space solutions

From real estate development to design, production and construction, Wood Shapers offers an integrated sustainable and efficient solution that relies on wood and bio-based materials and takes advantage of all the benefits of modularity and off-site manufacturing.

About us

Wood Shapers: the future of construction
and real estate development

  • Sustainable

    Technology, methods and materials that reduce your carbon footprint, while guaranteeing optimum performance.

  • Innovative

    Rethink how to build and develop projects in order to face the challenges of the sector thanks to factory prefabrication, which will make it possible to anticipate the details of each site as much as possible.

  • Professional

    The expertise of the CFE Group, both in terms of real estate development and construction, is based on a solid practical knowledge of timber construction.

  • Healthy and recyclable

    Living environments that have a real positive impact on the wellbeing of their occupants. Safer building sites that offer pleasanter working conditions for construction workers. A material that is environmentally friendly: a less polluting, prefabricated material, causing less nuisance on the building site and with waste that can be reused.

  • Effective

    Prefabrication means that a timber construction project will take less time to complete than a conventional project. The most innovative prefabrication technologies facilitate control of the value chain and the specifics of the building site.

  • Responsible

    At a time when customers increasingly expect a commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, the Wood Shapers product range offers solutions to these major challenges.

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An overview of our projects

The CFE Group’s entities have already delivered several wooden projects to satisfied owners. Here are a few examples of them.

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