Wood Shapers

Wood Shapers is a joint-venture between CFE Contracting and BPI Real Estate. This is a sustainable initiative from the CFE Group that already has a significant expertise in terms of real estate development and construction.

Our expertise

  • Real estate development

    Wood Shapers is committed to developing its projects, on its own or with partners.

  • Design & Build

    Because of its design, development and building expertise, Wood Shapers is a key player in design & build projects for its clients.

  • Consultancy

    The Wood Shapers consultancy assists the design teams every step of the way.

An integrated solution for timber construction.

Wood Shapers:
an integrated solution

Prefabricated timber structures require a specific design for optimal efficiency. Starting from the design stage, Wood Shapers guides you through your projects to ensure that each of them becomes a success.

  • Good understanding of materials and construction methods for an optimised structure;
  • Proven experience in design and building;
  • Sustainable vision, in line with your image;
  • Cost-effective construction;
  • Control of the value and production chain, facilitating optimal and controlled planning.

Wood Shapers,
a quality label that
engages social challenges

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