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Has the wooden skyscraper revolution finally arrived?
19/02/2020 - Blog

Wooden skyscrapers, also called plyscrapers, are planning to be the skyscrapers of the future. Timber as a construction material is a sustainable alternative to concrete and steel.
Today, a few European countries already have some of the tallest wooden skyscrapers around the world. In Norway for example, the 280-foot-tall Mjøstårnet tower became the world's tallest timber building when it opened last year. In Austria, they have also built the tallest tower of the Hoho Vienna project that reaches up to 276 feet.
Other countries are starting to develop mass timber buildings as well. In England, the British firm PLP Architecture has created proposals for three wooden skyscrapers, including a 984-foot-tall tower in the heart of London.

The resurgence if this construction material is driven in part by environmental advocates, some of whom have highlighted mass timber’s potential to help fight global climate change. 
In the city of Toronto, a mass timber proto-model has been designed in order to explore how factory-produced timber buildings can grow even taller. This project, called Proto-Model X, has been developed by architects, engineers and environmental designers. It’s a digital proof-of-concept that stands in for a real building and provides insights into its hypothetical performance.

Here below you will find a very interesting article that has been published on CNN’s website and that will explain you all about the skyscrapers of tomorrow.

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