About us

Complementary profiles working on your project

The Wood Shapers’s team is itself a solid, durable and warm construction that relies on the skills of experienced people, passionate about innovation, construction and real estate.

  • Board Members

  • Arnaud Regout
  • Manu Coppens
  • Jacques Lefèvre
  • Raymund Trost
  • Fabien De Jonge
  • Team
    Wood Shapers

  • Arnaud Regout
  • Niko Bonnyns
    Head of Logistics and Production 
  • Luc Claeys
    Head of Execution 
  • Simon Cols
    Business Development Manager
  • Philippe Courtoy
    Wood Specialist
  • Alexandre Emmanuelidis
  • Isabelle De Bruyne
    Sustainability Officer
  • Christel Verwilghen
    Marketing Manager
  • John Deceuster
    Design Department
  • Katrien Vanormelingen
    Tender and Project Manager
  • Sarah Enström
    Marketing Officer

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