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Wood Shapers invests itself in our planet
27/10/2022 - Highlight

Woody, the humpback whale has become Wood Shapers’ official mascot since August 2022. While this adoption might seem a bit odd, it’s not just a summer whim , it’s an actual act of engagement for the ecology. But why did we choose a whale?

Supporting the protection of whales…

« Adopt A Whale » is a campaign led by Oceanic Society, a Californian (USA) non-profit organisation that does everything in its power to protect marine life and habitats. The action that Wood Shapers participates in now, the fictional adoption of a whale, allows them to conduct studies and protect them. For a certain amount of money transferred to the organisation, you can name one of these whales and adopt it. Woody, named as a reference to our company, is also equipped with a sensor that allows us to follow his every move. 

Curious? Follow Woody’s moves by clicking this link



all while fighting against global warming !

Did you know that whales are much more efficient than trees to absorb CO2? Not so surprising when we take a closer look at their… faeces. Very rich in iron and nitrogen, their faeces are important food for other marine residents, specifically for phytoplankton. And to make it even better these creatures create no less than 50% of the earth’s oxygen (!) and absorb up to 40% CO2! That’s the same amount as what 1700 billion trees would absorb.

To make the circle complete, whales, that mostly eat phytoplankton, accumulate carbon in their bodies during their entire lifetime. When a whale passes away, it sinks deeply in the ocean and takes a few tonnes of CO2 along and keeps it there for thousands of years…

What are you waiting for? Adopt a whale!


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